BEQAS - "Indicative Bids"
BEQAS - "Indicative Bids"

The BCSE "Indicative Bids" BEQAS Module has been launched since June 1, 2000 to provide a wide range of investors with the possibility to submit indicative bids in order to find potential contractors on a free of charge base.

Its main principles are as follows:

  • accessibility for all categories of investors (legal and individual entities), regardless of their material or software and hardware resources;
  • quotation of any financial stock market instruments (stocks, bonds, shares, shares and other, irrespective of the Issuer’s country);
  • the possibility to receive and post general information about the system’s users, quoted securities, in addition to information on the financial assets prices;
  • dissemination of information accumulated in the module to the general public.

The Stock Exchange provides the right to submit indicative bids in the following modes:

  1. an automated mode (providing the exchange of information and access to module databases via workstations);
  2.  an "administrator-user" mode (providing the exchange of information between the administrator and the system member using a facsimile, courier services and (or) e-mail).

An automated mode allows the registered participant to submit independently the following bids to the system:

  • Indicative bids for the purchase and sale of securities;
  • Indicative bids for the purchase and sale of securities as part of the pre-emptive rights in accordance with the Belarusian legislation;
  • Indicative bids on blocks of state-owned shares;
  • Indicative bids on shares in the authorized capital;

An indicative bid is automatically deleted upon its expiry term set by the BCSE Chairman of the Management Board.

Submission of indicative bids is described in the Submission Procedure for Indicative Bids in the Belarusian Quotation Automated System (BEQAS).

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