Admitting bonds of BelHard Computers to placement and trading
Admitting bonds of BelHard Computers to placement and trading

In accordance with the Geloisinvest statement No. 0809-01 as of 08.09.2021 and based on the BCSE Listing Rules approved by the BCSE Board (Minutes No. 25 as of 14.05.2020)

1. Bonds with the following parameters have been admitted to placement in continuous double auction and forward modes, to trading, and included into the list of unlisted securities:


BelHard Computers, LLC

Issue No


Type and kind of securities

inscribed, interest-bearing, convertible, book-entry bonds  

State registration date and number



Issue Code


Issue Volume

USD 200 000


2 000

Face value

USD 100

Number of income accrual periods 


Open sale period on BCSE

 13.09.2021 - 12.01.2024

Trading period on BCSE

   13.09.2021 - 20.01.2024

Trading duration (days)


Maturity date (start)


Interest rate

7.5 %

Potential buyers (owners)

Individuals, legal entities, individual entrepreneurs - residents and non-residents of the Republic of Belarus

Trading in bonds are terminated

3 business days before the date of income payment and bond redemption date

Issuer Depository



2. The BCSE trading system will provide centralized calculation of yield, current value, accumulated interest (coupon) yield and other price rates and indicators required for transactions with these bonds.

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