Admitting bonds of Securitization Center to trading
Admitting bonds of Securitization Center to trading

The BCSE informs that according to Securitization Center’s announcement as of 15.01.2020 No. 08-03/885, and the BCSE Listing rules approved by the BCSE Supervisory Board:

1. Bonds of Securitization Center with the following parameters have been admitted to placement at the BCSE in a forward mode since 24.01.2020:



Kind and type of securities

Issue code

Period of placement


Special Financial Organization "Securitization Center", CJSC

inscribed, discount, book-entry bonds


30.01.2020 -  31.12.2024

2. Issuer’s Short name (Ticker) - Securitization Center.

3. The BCSE trading system will provide a centralized calculation of indicators of profitability, current value, values of accumulated interest (coupon) income and other value indicators and indicators required for making transactions with the above mentioned bonds.