Disclosure Requrements
Disclosure Requrements

All public companies over one year period of their activity, whose securities are admitted to BCSE trading and placement, are required to publish their annual report in mass media before March 31 (before April 25 for banks).

No later than 5 working days from the publication date, they are required to report the publication date and source to BCSE in a written form required by law.

The following additional reporting requirements are established for issuers in the Quotation List "A", regarding reporting to BCSE about financial and economic activities in the following terms:

    for the previous year - no later than  April 15 of the year following the reporting one;
    for the 1st quarter - no later than May 31 of the reporting year;
    for the 2nd quarter - no later than August 15 of the reporting year;
    for the 3rd quarter - no later than 15 November of the reporting year.

Not reporting is grounds for termination of securities’ admission to BCSE trading and the placing.

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