For investors
For investors

Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange provides wide opportunities for attracting investments and for the effective management of personal funds and savings.

Investors may trade on the BCSE as the clients of trade participants. The list of trade participants  you can find in the corresponding   section of our website, depending on the market: currency, stock (including government securities market), futures  or OTC securities market.

The rating system will help you choose the participant with the highest trading volumes and number of transactions, as well as the most traded financial instruments.

Before trading, each financial instrument (securities, foreign currency, futures market instruments) shall undergo admission procedure and receive a trading code. The BCSE instrument line is regularly updated.

All changes at the BCSE are reflected in our News and Press Releases.

All transactions at the BCSE are carried out in accordance with the Rules.

Trading results and information on OTC transactions you can find on our website free of charge with a delay of 15 minutes. More recent information, as well as information for distribution purposes, is chargeable.    

Using the Indicative Bids BEQAS module, the investor can independently announce the intention to purchase and/or sale securities and other financial assets to potential counterparties.

Other sections such as Market Indicators (indices), Government bond yield calculator , etc. can be helpful for investors.

You can always count on consultation from our experts.

Professional consulting:

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