Admission of securities to trading
Admission of securities to trading

In order conduct a transaction in securities on the Stock Exchange, the securities should undergo the procedure of admission to circulation or placement.

The admission of securities can be initiated by their issuer, a member of the Stock Market Sector or the Stock Exchange in some cases.                           

The following types of securities may be admitted to BCSE trading:
• Government securities;
• Bonds of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus;
• Stocks and bonds of legal entities of the Republic of Belarus;
• Municipal loan bonds;
• Exchange-traded bonds.

In addition, securities of non-residents of the Republic of Belarus are admitted to placement and trading on the Stock Exchange in case they are authorized by central control and supervision body over the securities market of the Republic of Belarus to be circulated in Belarus.

There are two options of the admission procedure to be chosen:

• To pass evaluation of the quality and reliability of the security in order to be listed;
• Admission of securities to BCSE trading and placement as unlisted.

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