Admission of securities to trading
Admission of securities to trading

In order to conduct a transaction in securities on the BCSE, securities should be admitted to placement or trading.

The admission of securities can be initiated by their issuer, a Stock Market Sector member, or the BCSE in some cases.                           

The following types of securities may be admitted to BCSE trading:

• Stocks and bonds of legal entities of the Republic of Belarus;
• Government bonds (government bonds denominated in Belarusian rubles; government bonds denominated in foreign currency);
• Bonds of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus;
• Bonds of municipal executive and administrative bodies;
• Exchange-traded bonds.

In accordance with the Belarusian legislation, securities of non-residents of the Republic of Belarus may be admitted to placement and trading on the BCSE.

There are two options of the admission procedure to be chosen:

listing (evaluating security's quality and reliability with its subsequent inclusion into the Quotation List); 
• admission of securities to BCSE trading and placement as unlisted.

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