Admission to OTC Quotations
Admission to OTC Quotations

Belarusian Quotation Automated System of the Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange (BEQAS) is an information system serving the operations on the OTC market of Belarus.

BEQAS is not a trading system.

BEQAS operates as two separate modules: "Indicative Bids" BEQAS module and IQS "OTC Market" BEQAS module.

"Indicative Bids" BEQAS module is an Internet-based software aimed at providing information on intention to purchase securities or other financial assets in order to find potential counterparties.

IQS "OTC Market" BEQAS module provides data on OTC transactions. Any individual, legal entities, their representative offices or branches, including public authorities, local government and self-government, can get an access to the "Indicative Bids" module under the following conditions:

• technical registration in the system;

• submission of the application;

• registration of authorized representative (for legal entities).

Professional participants of the securities market and their affiliates can get an access to work in IQS "OTC Market" to register their transactions (other users can get an access only to view the information) under the following conditions:

• conclusion of the contract;

• obtaining software and registration in the system;

• registration in the system of authorized representative (for legal entities);

• submitting applications, proxy, copy of the license and certificates in accordance with BCSE regulations (for professional participants);

• Connection to the SED (optional);

• Payment for services.

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