BEQAS - IQS "OTC Market"
BEQAS - IQS "OTC Market"

IQS "OTC Market" BEQAS module (launched since February 2, 2010) - a separate software aimed at automating information processing of OTC transactions carried out by professional participants.

In accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus, all transactions in shares and bonds circulated in the OTC market shall be registered by professional securities market participant (legal entity licensed to perform professional activity), with the exceptions of:

  • inheritance;
  • change or termination of rights and (or) duties upon the court decision or liquidation committee decision;
  • exchange of shares of open joint stock companies formed in the process of privatization, for personal privatization vouchers "Property", as well as favorable sale of state-owned shares for 20 percent less than their par value;
  • proportional distribution of shares between shareholders;
  • as otherwise provided by law.

Professional participants must inform BCSE about concluded OTC transactions in accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of Finance of Belarus N 112 as of September 12, 2006 "On Securities Market Regulation". This information shall be submitted no later than three working days from the registration date (for registered purchase and sale transactions in shares of joint stock companies and bonds), and not later than seven working days from the registration date ( for registered purchase and sale transactions in shares of closed joint-stock companies, exchange transactions, other types of OTC transactions).

Submitting the information on OTC transactions to BCSE, as well as its registration is carried out only via IQS "OTC Market" BEQAS module.

The order of submitting information by professional participants on OTC transactions, as well as its registration, is described in the Rules for Submitting Information on OTC Transactions.

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