Simple standard auctions for the sale of state-owned shares of JSC to be held on 28.12.2018

According to the its statements as of 27.11.2018 on performing the functions of a trading agent,  the State Property Committee of the Republic of Belarus was granted the right to act as a trading agent for selling shares of Bobruisk Shoe Factory, JSC (issue code BY7208100984), Zavod Promburvod, JSC (issue code BY5272199940), Minsk Promtransproekt, JSC (issue code BY50001B0239), Motex, JSC (issue code BY4240196880), MinskSortSemOvosch, JSC (issue code BY6236136374), Specialized Department of Mechanization № 96, JSC (issue code BY5200137848), TsAUK, JSC (issue code BY5272198538), through the BCSE's trading system.

On 28.12.2018 simple standard sale auctions will be held with shares of Bobruisk Shoe Factory, JSC, Zavod Promburvod, JSC, Minsk Promtransproekt, JSC, Motex, JSC, MinskSortSemOvosch, Specialized Department of Mechanization № 96, JSC, TsAUK, JSC, under conditions specified in statements of the State Property Committee of the Republic of Belarus.