4 open joint stock companies are listed on the BCSE
4 open joint stock companies are listed on the BCSE

According to the announcements of issuers and to the BCSE Listing Rules approved by the BCSE Board (Minutes as of May 14, 2020 No. 25), ordinary (common) shares of the following open joint stock companies have been transferred from the List of Unlisted Securities to the Second Level Quotation List of the Market for State Enterprises from August 17, 2020:


Issue serial number

Issue code

Par value, BYN

Number of securities






44 441 201






34 765






11 042 362


122 UNRM




8 767 780

BORISOVDREV is one of the largest enterprises of the woodworking industry in the Republic of Belarus specializing in the production of MDF, matches, and plywood.

TORGMASH is one of the leading enterprises in the field of commercial engineering in the CIS countries specializing in the design and manufacture of a wide range of machinery and equipment for public catering and trade.

MAPID is the largest construction company in the country that built more than 25 million square meters of housing in the Republic of Belarus and abroad.

122 UNRM is one of the largest providers of construction equipment rental services in Minsk, and it also provides services in the field of cargo transportation, construction and installation and repair and construction works.

As of August 17, 2020, the BCSE lists 10 issues of shares of 7 open joint stock companies, two issues of corporate bonds, as well as 78 issues of government bonds of the Republic of Belarus and National Bank’s bonds. Listed companies operate in construction, reconstruction and overhaul of transport infrastructure facilities, woodworking, design and production of commercial equipment, as well as in the field of financial services.

Note. In accordance with the BCSE Listing Rules, in addition to general requirements (securities must be registered in accordance with the legislation and transferred to centralized accounting in the depository system of the Republic of Belarus), the following special requirements are established for securities admitted to trading on the Market for State Enterprises and included into the Second Level Quotation List:

the state share in the issuer's authorized capital should be at least 75%;

the issuer should be active at least one year from the moment of its formation (creation);

issuer's net assets value should be at least one thousand base value;

the issuer should have no negative financial results from the sale of products, goods (works, services), no net loss upon results of any year from the last three ones.

The listing procedure and payment of listing fees are carried out in accordance with the Agreement on providing listing services between the company and the BCSE.


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