BCSE and Kyrgyz Stock Exchange Signed Cooperation Agreement
BCSE and Kyrgyz Stock Exchange Signed Cooperation Agreement

Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange and Kyrgyz Stock Exchange signed a  cooperation agreement aimed at developing the organized financial markets of both countries.

The agreement stipulates the exchange of information on markets and exchange products presented in Belarus and Kyrgyzstan, the exchange of experience in the field of data dissemination, joint events, internships and trainings for employees, as well as identifying other opportunities for interaction.

The signing of the agreement between BCSE and KSE is the first step in the development of bilateral cooperation in the exchange sphere aimed at promoting the organized financial markets of Belarus and Kyrgyzstan.


Brief info.

Kyrgyz Stock Exchange founded in 1994 in the form of non-state, non-profit organization with the main goal to provide an effective condition for the securities market functioning.

The Kyrgyz Stock Exchange was created by joint efforts of the founders representing the private sector of national economy (broker companies, commercial banks and the joint-stock companies). In a basis of definitions of the main functional activities of the Kyrgyz Stock Exchange, use of world experience of the organization and functioning of stock exchanges laid down.

The first stock auction and an official opening took place in May 1995. Since July 1995 the Kyrgyz Stock Exchange has launched KSE Index characterizing the current situation on the securities market. The method of calculation of the KSE Index conforms to the international standards and is analog of S&P.

Currently, the KSE shareholders include Istanbul and Kazakhstan Stock Exchanges, as well as the State Property Management Fund under the Government of Kyrgyzstan.