BCSE to launch a new version of IQS "OTC Market"
BCSE to launch a new version of IQS "OTC Market"

OJSC "Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange" has launched a new version of the module Belarusian Quotation Automated System (BEKAS) - ICS "OTC Market" (version available since April 6, 2015.

This new software implies the following changes:

1. Members can view of the accrued amount for rendered services in the “Payment for services”.

2. A block of statistics on bonds is detailed In the "Registration Results" / "Statistics by securities types".

3. Additional information about  the number of transactions is implemented while importing transactions.  

BFT (Bank Finance Link) users can install IQS "OTC Market" at http://bekas.bcse.by:8889/BFT/ by starting up Bekas.UI.application.

External access users can install IQS "OTC Market" at http://bekas.bcse.by:8889/NET/ by starting up Bekas.UI.application or by reinstalling  the installation software at http : //bvfb.bcse.by/test_bekas/06.04.2015/ (user: bekast, password: bekas).

New version is available on April 6, 2015.

For all questions, please contact our administrators:

IQS "OTC Market" Administrator:

Tatiana Goman

tel. 306 34 65

IQS "OTC Market" System Administrator:

Andrei Bogdan

tel. 209 41 43.