EXCHANGE-TRADED BONDS. Simplified issue conditions for legal entities

According to the current legislation, the BCSE performs administrative procedure of bond issue registration.

In order to launch this procedure, a written statement of a concerned person should be submitted together with the set of documents indicated in the Listing Rules and in the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus as of 17.02.2012 No.156.

Necessary documents are:

  • Application;
  • Two copies of the decision of exchange-traded bonds issue (hard copy or digital);
  • Two copies of exchange-traded bonds issue prospectus (hard copy or digital);
  • Balance sheets and profit and loss statements, or reports of solvency of the insurance company for the last two accounting years and the quarter preceding the date of the decision of exchange-traded bonds issue.
  • Conclusions of Audit Commission (Auditor) or, in cases specified by legislative acts, an audit organization (auditor - individual entrepreneur) confirming the accuracy of accounting and reporting information on financial and economic activities of the issuer and their financial statements and other documents, for the last two reporting years.

Registration period of exchange-traded bonds is valid until the end of their circulation.

The term of registration procedure of the exchange-traded bonds issue should not exceed 10 working days from the application date.

There is no additional fee for registration of the issue.