Commercial Distribution of Information
Commercial Distribution of Information

BCSE provides its users with the following information:

  • Foreign currency trading totals immediately after their end;
  • Totals of trading in government securities, stocks and bonds immediately after the regular session;
  • Results of placement of securities;
  • On-line course of trading in all securities admitted to BCSE trading;
  • on-line OTC transactions information preview;
  • Financial instruments guide;
  • Access to all financial instruments archive for any period.

All information is provided electronically and suitable for processing and storage.

There are two categories of users which are provided with two different tariffs:

  • users receiving information for further distribution and sale to third parties (media and other organizations that use stock information in its print and electronic media, on their websites, or using other means of transmitting information to third parties);
  • users using the information for personal use (for calculation on the basis of its own indicators and indices).

types  procedure for providing exchange of information services based on the principle of separation of users into, each of which developed individual rates:

Terms of subscription

  • In order to use the information services BCSE you should:
  • have access to the Internet and / or your e-mail address;
  • select the proposed information package, convenient form and method of obtaining these services;
  • see the rates;
  • depending on the use of market data to complete and sign 2 copies. Contract information services with the right to information to third parties or contract for information services without the right to transfer information to third parties and to send to the exchange.

Other conditions

  • For information agencies subscribing to the first, second or fifth information packets Exchange proposes to place in the "Organization - official suppliers of market data" name of the agency with the link to the official web page, recommending them as official sources of information exchange.
  • In relation to the companies illegally using stock information, stock exchange will be taken, provided by the legislation, to protect their interests. In addition, information about these companies will indulge in public disclosure.
  • BCSE reserves the right to modify the contents of data packets.
  • BCSE is not responsible for the inability of the user's access to information units due to failures in the open data network (Internet).

For all questions, please, contact  Information Services by e-mail: