Before concluding a transaction on BCSE, each financial asset (security, foreign currency, derivatives market instrument) has to be admitted to trades and assigned the trading code.

Currency Market

List of currencies admitted to circulation on the BCSE is determined by the BCSE in agreement with the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus in accordance with the BCSE Operating Rules for Purchase, Sale, and Conversion Transactions in Foreign Currency.

Currency market instruments are currency pair consisting of traded currency (lot currency), and conjugate currency (payment currency).

For example, EUR/BYR pair. If this instrument is admitted to trading on the additional session, its name has a symbol “_d”. For example, EUR/BYR_d.

For example


Lot currency

Payment currency

Trading mode/settlement period



US Dollar

Belarusian ruble


Transactions carried out before 01.05.2015


US Dollar

Belarusian ruble

Fixing (additional session)

Transactions carried out before from 14.09.2011 till 19.10.2011


US Dollar

Belarusian ruble

Continuous double auction (Order-Driven Market)

Current instrument



Belarusian ruble

Negotiated transactions/3 days

Current instrument

List of circulating currencies here >>>

Stock Market

As soon as securities have passed the procedure of admission to circulation and placement, they are admitted to trading and placement on BCSE.

The admission procedure involves:
• evaluating quality and reliability of the security, followed by its inclusion in the quotation list or listing;
• or admitting securities to BCSE trading and placement as unlisted.

When listed, a security is given a ticker in the following order:

For government bonds - the abbreviated name of the security type and the issue number. For example, VGDO 172.

For bonds of the National Bank - the abbreviated name of the security type, short name of the issuer, and serial number of the issue. For example, KO NBRB 134.

For corporate bonds and local bonds - short name of the issuer, type of securities (discount bonds=O, interest bond = Oi) and the issue number. For example, Minskproektstroy Bi1

To share - short name of the issuer, type of securities (simple shares = A, preferred shares = Ap) and the issue number. For example, Minskproektstroy A2.

The Issuer has the right to assign its own ticker name in agreement with the Stock Exchange.

List of circulated securities here >>>

Derivatives Market

Derivatives market instruments are issued by series based on the approved specifications.

Futures trading code is composed as follows: FSnnnnYXX, where

FS - means that this contract is futures;
nnnnn - futures name and underlying asset, such as: USD, EUR, RUB (for exchange rates), EURUSD (for cross rates), IRccc (IR stands for coupon rate, ccc stands for issue number of government bond);
Y - last digital symbol of the year of futures contract execution;
XX - the month of futures execution (from 01 to 12).

List of circulated futures here >>>







Currency Market Instrument:

Lot Currency/Payment currency (For example, EUR/BYR)




Stock Market:

Government bonds (denominated in BYR and foreign currency)

Corporate bonds

Exchange-traded bonds

Municipal bonds

NB RB Bonds


Continuous double auction (ODM)

Forward transactions (QDM)

Fixed price REPO

Call auction


Free price REPO

Simple auction

Derivatives Market

Futures on exchange rate change (USD, EUR, RUB), cross rate EUR/USD, coupon yield rate change

Continuous double auction (ODM)




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